Loaded Icarus 38.4"

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Loaded Icarus 38,5 tum är deras senaste modell med alla klassiska features i en härlig combo.

Välj Flex 1 om du vill ha stabilare åkning t.ex. downhill.

Välj Flex 2 om du vill ha mer slalom och vill pumpa fart i varje sväng.

Loaded pioneered the flexible dropthru board with the Dervish in 2007 and the Tan Tien in 2010. We’ve returned to our carving roots using many of the things learned over the past few years from our freeride boards, downhill boards, and our snowboard (with design cues from bacon). Combining wheel flares, cork, a balanced flex pattern and novel manufacturing methods, the Icarus is a milestone in our exploration of the soulful carving experience.

Powerful Flex—Vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass construction pair with a cambered profile and a variable concave for a lively and engaging ride. The cork bottom helps dampen out vibrations without compromising the liveliness.
User Friendly—Drop-through truck mounting positions the deck lower to the ground for easier, more efficient pushing and enhanced stability. Light weight and compact size make the Icarus intuitive and commuter friendly.