Santa Cruz McCoy Transcend VX 8.25 Skateboard Deck

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Santa Cruz Transcend Dots VX Skateboard Deck - 8.25x31.83

Santa Cruz VX Skateboard Decks "The Best Skateboard Deck You Will Ever Ride". VX decks from Santa Cruz feature five plys of North American maple reinforced by two layers of Santa Cruz's special Quad X Technology. This makes the VX Deck a thinner, stronger board that keeps its pop and form longer than anything on the market.


Deck Specs:

Width: 8.25"

Length: 31.83"

Wheelbase: 14.22"

Nose: 6.78"

Tail: 6.38"

Additional Info:

  • Santa Trancent Series VX Model
  • Santa Cruz VX Technology Deck
  • 5-Plies North American Maple
  • 2-Plies Quad X Technology
  • Longest lasting pop!