Tensor Alum Mirror Yellow/Raw 5.25 Skateboard Truckar

599 kr

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2st skateboard truckar.

Details & Product Features

Tensor NEW Mirror Saftey Yellow/Raw Aluminum Skateboard Trucks
ATG (All Terrain Geometry) 
Axle width: 8.0"
Safety Yellow/Raw
Set of 2 Trucks


ALL TERRAIN GEOMETRY - Totally Redesigned 

TALLER TRUCK (55MM AXLE HEIGHT) - Tighter turning and less wheel bite.
A taller truck creates more clearance between wheel and deck resulting in less wheel bite. In addition a taller truck enables the hanger to lean in further, tightening the turning radius.

REFINED GEOMETRY - Responsive turns
We have adjusted the angles of truck pivot and kingpin, creating a tighter turning more responsive truck.

LOWER KINGPIN - No grind hang-ups
The kingpin has been lowered 5mm to allow for more clearance.

The unique shape of these bushing interlocks with the truck hanger. Keeping the bushing perfectly centered ensure that the bushing responds evenly. 

The weight has been redistributed in key areas resulting in an overall stronger truck.

REDUCED WEIGHT - Lighter that all others
The redesign of the truck has allowed us to shave off more weight.